Zika Certification

Zika Certification

Over the past two weeks NAEGA has been closely following developments related to Zika mosquito related disinsection requirements for all U.S. origin shipments bound for China. NAEGA has now learned, via the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) GAIN report from September 2, that China’s AQSIQ has agreed to a regionalization scheme for U.S. origin imports. Now, vessels originating in the United States, other than the State of Florida, will not be required to provide a disinsection certificate upon arrival at Chinese ports.

Prior to the regionalization announcement for Florida, Chinese authorities were requiring mosquito disinsection of all U.S. origin shipments. Disinsection requires that the vessel or container, not the goods, be sprayed or fumigated for mosquitos. Now, disinsection and disinsection certificates will only be required from Florida origin vessels and conveyances.

This decision to regionalize disinsection requirements to Florida was based on a risk-assessment performed by AQSIQ, using data supplied by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). FAS/Beijing and the entire U.S. Embassy was involved in the successful effort to prevail upon AQSIQ to adopt an approach that addresses their public health concern and yet reduces the trade impact of their Zika requirements.

More information on Zika disinsection requriements can be found on the USDA website, or in the following documents:

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