Industry Environment

The North American grain export system is part of a large, diverse, and evolving global industry including public, private, and cooperatively owned and managed facilities and trading entities. The industry must constantly innovate to seek added efficiencies, and mitigate the enormous risks associated with international trade in a politically volatile and highly competitive environment. The result is a contribution to global food security that is sustainable, reliable, responsible, and resilient.


Food security is dependent on moving the agricultural commodities our members’ trade and process. As much as 30 percent of all grain and oilseeds and their associated products produced globally move into international trade – a trade that is critically important to farmers, ranchers, food processors and exporters, and consumers across the globe.


Efficient and competitive markets provide consumers with affordable and sustainable food, feed, and energy.  Operating in a highly competitive global industry, innovation, clear communication across the entire value chain, as well as minimizing or eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade and investment are essential to providing for food security, political stability, and economic well-being resulting from our Member’s businesses.