Vietnam Fumigation Requirements

Vietnam Fumigation Requirements

NAEGA continues to work closely with industry and government stakeholders, including the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), the Grain Inspectors, Packers ad Stockyards Association (GIPSA) and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) regarding new requirements by Vietnam for per-shipment fumigation with methyl bromide on shipments of wheat, corn and DDGS to Vietnam. Currently, the December 1 deadline for pre-shipment fumigation of corn, wheat and DDGS with methyl bromide stands. However, APHIS continues to pursue a strategy of that supports phosphine fumigation in all cases, with increased measures to protect against pest infiltration during transport and storage. For DDGS, APHIS has proposed in an October 26, 2016 letter a pilot program for phosphine fumigation that would allow for the importation of DDGS beyond the December 17, 2016 suspension date. The pilot program would include increased inspections, requirements for longer fumigation period and the use of best practices for the fumigation of containers.  APHIS proposes the following timeline for the pilot program:

November 1-15 APHIS field team to Illinois DDG operations for fact finding


Vietnam provides report on pest detection in U.S. bulk grain

November 18 APHIS presents proposed requirements to U.S. industry
November 21 APHIS presents detailed action timeline to Vietnam, including modified phosphine treatment measures, safeguarding and update on the development of best management practices for DDG warehousing
December 17 First certification of DDG under modified phosphine treatment measures.
February 1 First container arrivals
April 1 Preliminary evaluation by PPD of effectiveness of modified measures shared with APHIS. If piloted fumigation is successful, no further changes necessary. If not, further action to be determined bilaterally.

For wheat and corn, APHIS is currently awaiting a full report from Vietnam PPD on pest detections for those commodities. APHIS expects this report no later than November 15, 2016.

Another conference call is expected in the coming days.

NAEGA will continue to follow these developments closely and inform members as new information become available. Please contact Gary or Ryan if you have any questions.