Washington State GE Wheat Plant Findings

Washington State GE Wheat Plant Findings

We continue to monitor developments related to the detection of a few genetically engineered wheat plants in a field in Washington State. Most recent information includes:

The USDA APHIS Biotechnology Regulatory Service (BRS) continues to advise there has been NO detection of the presence of MON 71700, the event detected, or its sister event MON 71800 in the U.S. wheat supply. Here is the link to reports from the Agency: APHIS BRS Washington Wheat Plants.

Currently, Monsanto is distributing tests to several governments including Japan, Korea and Taiwan. At this time Monsanto is not making testing available to end users or expanding the availability of the test beyond these governments despite interest in testing from additional countries.

Japan, which removed Western White Winter Wheat from its August 4 tender, is expected to soon enable testing for MON 71700 and 71800 in the U.S. prior to shipment as well as in Japan upon shipment arrival.

In Taiwan, the government has requested the test method but there is no indication that the government will test shipments. Korean authorities have begun testing but results have not been released.

NAEGA will continue to follow these developments and release information to members as it becomes available. Your comments and advice are also appreciated. Please contact Gary or Ryan with any questions or comments.