NAEGA Contracts and Best Practices Seminars

NAEGA Contracts and Best Practices Seminars

Please “save the date” for NAEGA’s next Contract and Best Practice Seminars. With the release of the revised NAEGA 2 contract on March 30, NAEGA is planning for educational seminars to communicate these revisions and educate on the contract and industry best practices. This year, we are planning two educational seminars in: 

  • Minneapolis, MN: August 14 – Register here 
  • New Orleans, LA: Week of October 8 

Final dates and times will be announced when they become available.  

NAEGA seminars are an intensive and informative review of commercial and official practices taught in an interactive environment. The goal of each seminar is to improve predictability, reduce risks, resolve trade barriers and facilitate profitable trade. A general agenda includes:  

  • Open dialogue on current contracting practices as they relate to trade risks. 
  • A “Road Map” of the NAEGA II Model Contract 
  • Review of the 2018 revisions to the NAEGA II Model Contract.
  • Perspectives on the global contracting environment in GAFTA, FOSFA and other contract models and practices. 
  • Case study exercises on: 
    • Calculating laytime, dispatch and demurrage. 
    • Contract terms. 
    • Arbitration and other alternatives for dispute resolution.  

In addition to the public seminars listed above, NAEGA also conducts company specific private seminars.  Please contact Ryan if you are interested in hosting a private, tailored seminar at your office. Click here for more information on the in-depth, interactive programs NAEGA conducts!