On June 20, 2019, the IGTC Management Council approved new policy priorities related to low level presence (LLP) and plant breeding innovation (PBI). 

In the new LLP policy, IGTC recommends that that:

  1. Governments recognize the economic contribution of the grain trade as a crucial component of global food security.
  2. Exporting and importing governments must work together to improve synchronization of genetically modified (GM) regulatory approvals.
  3. Where synchronization of regulatory approvals is not possible, importing governments should consider pragmatic and trade-facilitative LLP policies.
  4. The Global Level Presence Initiative (GLI) strengthens and expands its membership, in order to forge solutions that have the buy-in of all countries which participate in the grain trade.
  5. LLP Policies should entail segments of the value chain to be fully responsible for the commercial activities under their respective remit.
  6. Regulatory approval of GM events is a critical component to LLP policy and implementation.

The Management Council also approved principals for PBI information-sharing that include the following:  

  1. Frequency of Information-Sharing
    1. Initial Consultation - Information-sharing dialogue be initiated as early as possible during the pre-market development and well in advance of the anticipated commercial product launch
    1. Subsequent Consultation - Ongoing consultations should occur as developments warrant.
  2. Opportunities for Joint Collaboration
    1. Identify opportunities to engage jointly with national governments, as appropriate
    1. Jointly discuss plant breeding innovation at the national and regional levels with consumer groups and food and feed manufacturers and processors to identify information needs and foster consumer acceptance.
  • Facilitation of Information-Sharing Between IGTC and ISF - IGTC members, as well as other relevant organizations and companies with which they have working relationships) are encouraged to convey information obtained during national and regional information  sharing exchanges in a timely manner with the IGTC Secretariat. to share information with the grain trade globally.

The IGTC Management Council will hold a call on July 25, 2019 to discuss IGTC governance.