GMO Soybeans: EU Authorization BUT RR2Xtend lacking key Approval

GMO Soybeans: EU Authorization BUT RR2Xtend lacking key Approval

On July 22 the European Commission announced it had granted import approval for three genetically modified soy traits – Monsanto and Dupont Pioneer’s RR2 Xtend (dicamba x glyphosate MON87708 x MON89788), Monsanto’s Vistive Gold (high oleic x glyphosate MON87705 x MON89788) and Bayer CropScience’s Balance GT (glyphosate x HPPD inhibitor FG72).

The approval of these traits follows a letter written by NAEGA and NGFA to Monsanto regarding the responsible commercialization of Monsanto’s RR2 Xtend Soybean trait in the United States before import approval was granted in the European Union (EU). Commercialization of this trait before import approval in the EU and other soy markets threatened to severely disrupt trade with the EU if RR2 Xtend soybeans. The NAEGA/ NGFA  letter included a series of follow up questions to Monsanto. The letter and follow up questions with Monsanto answers can be found here and here.

Because RR2Xtend is likely to present in soybeans from the current 2016 harvest, NAEGA is monitoring and reporting on its global regulatory status  IMPORTANTLY To the best of our knowledge:  the stack RR2Xtend (MON 87708 X MON 89788) lacks sufficient approval to allow for import for food, feed and processing in the Philippines but has achieved such status in other import markets that regulate and accept biotech.  The new Philippine regime for approvals put in place in May has yet to be completed and there is come expectation that the needed approval for the stack will occur in late August 2016. NAEGA does understand that the following countries have approved this event for import: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, Colombia, European Union, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, United States, Vietnam and Indonesia.

NAEGA welcomes your comments and questions, especially if you are aware of different information or if there are countries with approval requirements that import soybeans or soybean meal that you are concerned about.

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