Alternative Security Program Workshop

Alternative Security Program Workshop

On Thursday, May 2 NAEGA and the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) hosted an annual workshop of Alternative Security Program (ASP) organizations with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). The ASP is an alternative way to comply with Maritime Transportation Safety Act (MTSA) regulations that allows participating organizations to develop alternative security plans approved by USCG. All NAEGA members and their facilities are invited to participate in the NAEGA/NGFA ASP. If you are interested in joining the ASP, please contact Ryan.

This year’s workshop covered ongoing issues of interest to NAEGA/NGFA ASP members, including cybersecurity, drone regulation, seafarers access, chemical regulation and security, TWIC card changes and reader rule implementation, and cruise ship security.

Of particular importance to NAEGA/NGFA ASP members and facilities is the newly finalized seafarers access regulation. Finalized on April 1, the seafarer’s access rule requires owners or operators of a maritime facility regulated by MTSA to implement a system providing seafarers, pilots and representatives of seafarers’ welfare and labor organizations with access between vessels moored at the facility and the facility gate in a timely manner and at no cost to the seafarer or other individuals. Currently, USCG will begin implementing the rule on the following schedule:

May 1, 2019 Regulation comes into effect
February 3, 2020 Seafarers access system must be documented in a facility’s Facility Security Plan (FSP)
June 1, 2020 Facility owner or operator must begin implementing their seafarer access system.


Over the next few months NAEGA and NGFA will be conducting outreach to ASP users as we begin to consider updates and changes to the ASP ahead of its necessary renewal date in August 2020. The NAEGA/NGFA ASP is renewed every five years, and this process allows us to amend and modernize provisions within the ASP as the security environment evolves. All ASP’s are ultimately approved by the USCG. This cycle, we anticipate that the NAEGA/NGFA ASP will need to incorporate new provisions regarding cybersecurity and seafarer access.

ASP users should keep an eye out for an email from NAEGA regarding participation in upcoming outreach sessions.