Plant Biotechnology Information Exchange

NAEGA’s Plant Biotechnology Information Exchange (PBIE) website and platform are used to convey information about plant biotechnology in various stages of seed development and use to produce certain crops.  The intent of the PBIE is to provide information to support trade in the crops covered by the platform.  Information used to populate the PBIE includes both commercial and regulatory information from around the globe.  With the evolution of plant biotechnology and disparate regulatory and commercial responses, the PBIE distinguishes between transgenic technology (sometimes referred to as conventional biotechnology) and other genetic modifications including gene editing used to breed seeds. 

Persons with access to the PBIE must observe limitations on use and sharing of the information. Access is provided by NAEGA and each NAEGA member may be provided access to the PBIE for up to five individuals. NAEGA does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in the PBIE and in accessing the PBIE you agree to be bound to and abide by the entire Terms of Use for this web site found here.

If you are a NAEGA member and you would like information on how to obtain access, please contact Patrick Hayden at If you already have an account to access the PBIE, you can click the link below to log in.