Efficient and competitive markets provide consumers with affordable and sustainable food, feed, and energy.  Operating in a highly competitive global industry, innovation, clear communication across the entire value chain, as well as minimizing or eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade and investment are essential to providing for food security, political stability and economic well-being resulting from our Member’s businesses.

Future Focused
For most of the 20th century North America served as the world’s grain reservoir, the result of a vast agricultural heartland capable of producing quantities of grain far in excess of domestic demand and economic systems encouraging innovation and investment.   That environment was and remains the foundation on which grain is produced and moved quickly and efficiently from areas of surplus to areas of deficit.  North America’s sophisticated and successful grain, oilseed and other agri-bulk import and  export system is well positioned to meet  much of the world’s day to day commercial grain needs, as well as the extraordinary  arising from emergency and development needs .   

NAEGA continues to evolve, meeting the needs of a dynamic commercial grain international grain trade with the common objective of consistently and reliably meeting demand with an abundant and adequately fungible supply of bulk agricultural commodities.  Market access is a necessary condition but access merely opens the door to trade opportunities.  Innovation, Inspiration and Improvements result from the active engagement of NAEGA, its Members and global counterparts in creating frameworks and practices that support trade. 

The information, networking and services provided by NAEGA responds to and embraces change and opportunity by Working Together, with colleagues around the world in many ways To Make Trade Work.