The North American Export Grain Association, Inc. (NAEGA) was chartered in 1912 and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the state of New York in 1920. NAEGA works to promote and sustain the development of the export trade of grains, oilseeds and primary products processed there from. NAEGA consists of private and publicly owned companies and farmer-owned cooperatives that are involved in and provide services to the bulk grain and oilseed exporting industry. NAEGA’s mission is to promote and sustain the development of commercial export of grain and oilseed and their primary products. Through a reliance on member action and support, NAEGA acts to accomplish this mission from its office in Arlington, Virginia, and in markets throughout the world.

NAEGA operating philosophy is “Working Together to Make Trade Work.” Its success is based on close interaction with the extensive and global support of membership and coordination with government and affiliated organizations. The unique collaboration that is NAEGA does not focus on a particular commodity or product but does focus on the common aspects of the U.S. and global logistics systems for trade of grains and oilseeds. The U.S. value chain from producer through exporter are direct beneficiaries of NAEGA’s work to define and communicate the best conditions for all stakeholders, including consumers and governments as they relate to the global trade of agricultural commodities. In doing so NAEGA serves as a conduit for trade inquiries; interacts with foreign buyers; educates foreign buyers on U.S. grain purchase specifications; provides for, through the industry standard NAEGA 2 F.O.B. contract and other vehicles, uniform commercial practices and dispute resolution; advises governments on agricultural and trade policy; distributes information; works to prevent and resolve trade disrupting actions of governments; and provides a forum for communication on matters of vital concern to the U.S. export industry.

The association maintains its headquarters in Arlington, VA. NAEGA staff conducts the business of the association and coordinates the association’s work with other national and international grain, oilseed trade and promotion organizations supporting exports of grains and oilseeds. Funding for the association is derived primarily from membership dues and fees.