Precision Biotechnology Information Exchange

The Precision Biotechnology Information Exchange (PBIE) is a tool to improve marketability and trade risk management for the global trade of grains, oilseeds, pulses and other agri-bulk crops.  In the PBIE, information on precision biotechnology use in the breeding of seeds for crop production is collected, managed and shared.

The NAEGA Production Technology Committee is working with an expert and experienced third-party vendor to develop, populate and operate a unique database utilizing proprietary technology. 

Via access to this secure website, you can access information on commercialized and pre-commercialized plant breeding events using precision biotechnology

Information in the PBIE Can be Filtered by Crop, Company, Country, Market & Regulatory Status and Regulation Type. If you already have an account to access the PBIE, you can click the link below to enter

Access is currently restricted to approved users until the site is fully populated. If you would like to obtain access to the PBIE, please contact Patrick Hayden, NAEGA Director of Operations.

The PBIE is a work in progress.

We are currently focused on: Populating the database; Refining nomenclature; Building Interest in participating in the database; Seeking partnerships

To assist us in these priorities please contact Patrick Hayden, NAEGA Director of Operations