Amstutz Award

The Amstutz Award is given by the North American Export Grain Association in honor of Dan Amstutz and in recognition of his outstanding and extraordinary service to the export grain and oilseed trade from the United States. Appropriately, the first recipient of this distinguished service award was Mr. Amstutz.

NAEGA’s mission is “to promote and sustain the development of export grain and oilseed trade from the United States.”  The Amstutz Award is given to persons who have exhibited exceptional accomplishments in promoting export grain and oilseed trade from the United States.

Recipients may be a citizen of any country  and may be involved directly or indirectly with the export grain and oilseed business. The principle criterion for giving the award is the special contribution the person has made in promoting export grain and oilseed trade from the United States. It should be kept  in mind that this award is not given for longevity of service to our industry, but rather for an extraordinary and noteworthy contribution which deserves special recognition. The honored recipient should be a person of such standing that NAEGA would  be pleased to have his or her name associated with the NAEGA association and with the Amstutz Award.

The President of NAEGA is responsible for identifying candidates for the Amstutz Award, and an Amstutz Award Selection Committee made up of the President and the NAEGA Executive Committee (the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, and the Secretary/Treasurer). The Board of Directors then convenes and ultimately names the Amstutz Award recipient. There is an Amstutz Award Master Trophy held in perpetuity at the NAEGA office with each recipient’s name and date of reception inscribed. Each recipient is given a special Amstutz Award Plaque at the time of presentation of the Amstutz Award.

Amstutz Award Winners

  • 2017 - Warren Duffy
  • 2012 - Dennis Stephens
  • 2007 - Bill Hale
  • 2006 - Arvid Hawk
  • 2006 - Walter Muff
  • 2001 - Michael Fribourg
  • 2000 - Senator Richard Lugar
  • 1999 - Senator Pat Roberts
  • 1998 - Daniel G. Amstutz