Committee Documents and Meeting Information

The NAEGA Bylaws provide for a Biotech Committee with the duty to monitor and evaluate worldwide developments affecting the production and shipment of biotech grain products and report to the Board of Directors its findings, conclusions, and recommendations. The committee is now working to identify issues and propose policy to the Board of Directors regarding the impact of new crop technologies on the export trade of grain and oilseeds.

The Board has currently provided direction to the Biotech Committee: Request that Staff and the Committee work to consider and develop policy and action plans to address the following issues; Biosafety Protocol, Biotech Wheat, Adventitious Presence, Pharma / Industrial Crop regulation, EU Traceability and Labeling. Staff is directed to provide necessary guidance, coordination and facilitation of communication to complete the work in timely fashion.

Only NAEGA Members have access to NAEGA Biotech Committee documents and meeting information.  For information on how to apply for NAEGA membership, please see the membership page.