Why Join?


As a member of NAEGA you will find:

  • The most effective networking with the people involved in grain and oilseed exporting from the U.S. and Canada

  • Access to NAEGA actions, services and committees including seminars, contract based determinations and arbitration support

  • Unequaled access to leading edge information and insight related to import conditions in key markets for grains, oilseeds and their primary products

  • Confidential, successful and timely personalized assistance to assist in managing emergency as well as long term corporate issues related to international trade

    Unique relationships with governments including key importing governments tailored to the interests of grain, oilseed and agricultural products exporter.  Work with and support for industry associations in Mexico, Canada and internationally resulting in coordinated representation and results in over 80 countries.


Members of NAEGA work jointly to foster a grain and oilseed export industry that provides the best environment for all stakeholders – from producer to consumer. Membership in NAEGA requires a commitment to:

  • integrity in a commercial environment supported by free trade and competition in commerce involving grain and other agricultural products;
  • eliminate abuses relative thereto; to eliminate or secure freedom from unjust, unlawful and oppressive exactions in commerce;
  • promote certainty in the customs and usages of trade and commerce;
  • promote a more enlarged and friendly exchange among persons engaged in business;
  • and to cooperate to the fullest extent practicable with all governments, governmental departments, governmental and private corporations, partnerships, associations and groups with an interest in providing for global food security and efficient international commerce.